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Business Opportunity


The Philippines, Land of secured tourism and successful business.

We are pleased to announce the sale of a very successful and high profitable business in Manila, Philippines.

3 stars hotel, in a high rise building, located in the heart of Malate, Manila.


Information and Details

The hotel consists of 72 fully furnished studios and apartments. 44 of which are fully owned, located in the floors 18 and 22. The rest 28 properties are rented by long term leases.

The hotel also contains facilities and managing support as follows:

A - 12 King size studios.

B - 2 Standard size studios.

C- 8 One bedroom apartments.

D - 4 Two bedroom apartments.

E - Restaurant.

F - Landry.

G - Office.

H - Reception.

I - 33 Full time professional employees.

J - 3 cars and 1 van.

K - 5 Car parks.

L - Trade name and trademark.

M - All relevant registrations, licenses and permits.




Key Features

  • The hotel is owned by a foreign investor for more than 10 years and is listed for sale because the owner, after a big success, has decided to return back to his middle eastern country. Due to the far distance and other personal matters, he found it very difficult to continue running the business and so he has chosen to sell it out.

  • Seconds, cross road, walking to Robinsons Place Mall, Malate.

  • listed in most major booking internet sites.

  • Reaches fully booked through most of the season period.

  • Monthly net income of an average of 3.75 Million Philippines Pesos (US$ 73,500)

  • Asking Price US$ 5.5 Million

Why the Philippines?

Since long time ago, the Philippines kept being one of the most attractive places for tourists. Hence, tourism business found a strong foundation to grow and be remarkably profitable. Moreover, the governmental facilitation to establish and run, made this business even more attractive. This concludes a valued income from a hassle free business.


Take Action Now

For those interested, or who want more information, we are pleased to arrange direct contact with the owner (seller).

All you need to do is contacting us with your name, nationality, email and telephone number. Pease mention your "nationality" and "country of residence" in the subject field of the form. We will respond with the necessary contact information. We will also keep supporting and assisting though the negotiation process.




Created by Mohamed Alboainain

25 February 2020