Al Boainain Legal Services

Arabic Documents Editing and Rephrasing


Al Boainain Legal Services kept providing this service for a quite long time. the new about it is that we are providing it online now.

The Service

1- Editing the document for correction of spelling and grammar mistakes.

2- Rephrasing its wording and style.

3- Paragraphing its content in a prober layout.

The service has nothing to do with the accuracy or correctness of the information that the document contains.

To Apply for the Service

Click on "Proceed" button bellow, fill in your name and email address. In the Message field, write the title of your document and how many words is it.

Please note: Document should only be in MS Word.

Our Response

1- We will reply to the email address you will enter in the form, with our quotation.

2 If you accept our offer, send your document as attachment to the email address that we have responded at you by.

3- Once we receive the document, we will contact you again with our PayPal Account link, by which you could make payment.

Please don't forget to check Junk Box in your email account.


Payment can only be made via PayPal.

Work Process

Immediately after making payment, we will start the work.

Depending on document's size, work will be finished in a reasonable period (if requested, it can be estimated in our second reply, after receiving the document).

Once work finished, we will sent the edited copy to the email address that you have entered in the form.

Sample Work

Sample work can be provided for 300 words or half A4 page of font size 12.