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Al Boainain Legal Services is a Law Firm that has been established in 2007 on the strong foundation of 32 years experience in legal affairs business. During that period, the firm's founder and managing partner, Attorney Mohammed Abdullah Al Boainain, had served in the public sector, Bahrain. Where he had practiced legal duties and dealt with many complicated legal disputes. His achievements were remarkable, for which he has been officially awarded before he decides to turn to private business and establish Al Boainain Legal Services.


During his service, the founder and managing partner had participated in many official activities such as Conferences, Forums, Symposiums, Colloquiums and Meetings. These activities have, certainly, provided a wide understanding of different views and promote skills and capability of negotiation, arguing and convincing.

Furthermore, the founder and managing partner had attended several courses and studies in vital subjects such as follows:

1.   Masters of Laws (International Legal Studies), Newcastle University, UK

2.   Bachelor of Laws, Alexandria University, Egypt

3.   Business Administration, Darden, University of Virginia, USA

4.   Criminal Justice, University of Leicester, UK

5.   Comparative Corporate Governance, Newcastle University, UK

6.   Company Law, Newcastle University, UK

7.   Physical Security, Group Four Total Security, UK

8.   Security Strategic Planning, Centrex, Bramshill, UK

9.   Navigation and Seamanship, Portsmouth, UK

These studies, activities and experience have, indubitably, made the firm unique in legal business. With experience, high law education, and good knowledge of other strongly related subjects, the firm is prepared to achieve the desired results and solve legal problems with the best solutions possible.

It is, therefore, proficiently capable to increase acquirements and reduce losses of its clients in all lawsuits and legal issues it might deal with.


Al Boainain Legal Services provides a wide range of legal services, at a very high level of proficiency, such as:

  • Litigation (Civil, Criminal, Labour, Commercial, Administrative, Family)

  • Legal Consultations

  • Mediation

  • Arbitration

  • Debts Collection

  • Marriage and Divorce registration

  • Drafting Agreements and Contracts etc.

  • Documents Attestation

  • Checking translated materials against their originals.

  • Real Estate


We work hard to provide some unique ideas serving our clients' interest. The Online Case Tracking System, for instance, enabling our clients to login through our web site and check the latest status of any of their cases. Al Boainain Legal Services is the first law firm thought and, so far, implement such service..


The firm's fees and charges are to be determine after an initial study of the case. Noteworthy, however, we apply a special consideration in this regard for long-term agreements. For general idea about litigation cost, please click "Appointing Us" bellow.


P.O Box: 20201, Manama, Bahrain

Tel: 39 454 464 Ė Fax: 17 330 377

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